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When I look at a blank canvas, images slowly start to appear. With a stroke of my brush, my vision is transpired into the canvas as I paint. Silk painting was the next step for me since I had studied and worked with Japanese artists for over 34 years. I’ve always had a passion for art and creating my own designs.

With a diverse background of artistic experience, my objective in silk painting is to branch the two worlds of Italian Renaissance and the beautiful colors and lines found in Japanese kimonos. These two cultures have helped influence my life and artistic designs and creativity.

As you will see in my paintings, and wearable fashion, I use a number of techniques and colors to create a variety of silk paintings. The Italian Renaissance is very apparent in my painting entitled Vivaldi’s Mask. With rich colors which were inspired by the frescos in Pompeii and the Renaissance painters of Florence and Venice, this is my version of an Italian mask.

In other paintings, I use vibrant colors to depict floral arrangements I have created in the past with Japanese Ikebana. Different chemicals, acrylics, and techniques are what help create different types of textures and lines.

I look at colors and nature’s beauty and everything inspires me to paint. When I see something that I like, be it in colors or nature, I try to transfer this onto silk painting. ” Think outside the box; create. See the beauty around you and through your heart and soul. Vision what you want to do”. This is what my professor in San Francisco at Fashion University had told me. I enjoy Painting with brushes, seeing what the dyes do on plain white silk.

Animals and landscapes are another inspiration I use for my artwork. Colorful birds or animals with detailed patterns just like in artwork ” Siberian Tiger”.

I know that I have unlimited techniques to learn and master, and I also know that everything is possible with practice and having a dream. I hope this provides you with a little bit of information on why silk painting is such a passion in my life. As I have enjoyed and loved painting, I hope that peole will enjoy my artwork and wearable art.


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