About Nadia

I was born in Egypt by Italian parents and worked for UNESCO for many years. I then met my husband a Japanese and got married. I travelled in many countries to be precise 49, and being a linguist I had no problem going around. My mother studied art in Florence and just growing up seeing her work was an inspiration to me. I never painted or drew in my entire life.

I dedicated my life of 30 years in teaching and mastering Japanese arts. From Japanese doll making (Kimekomi), to flower arrangement as well creating hand painted silk flowers in the 1970’s. I got tired of having to follow all the time rules and regulations. My Italian temper wanted to come out. I always wanted to work on silk and I finally did. I took one class and the teacher told me. Sorry Nadia you are too much into Japanese I do not think that this is for you. Frankly I do not think that you will make it. I was frustrated and gave up for a year and half. then one day I got up and refused to accept what she said. I sat down and drew and the first thing that I did was the White peacock. The rest is history. I have been painting on silk for only ALMOST 2 years. The materials that I use are from Dharma of course. I use silk habotai medium to heavy mommes.

The paints that I love the most are Dupont, Jacquard Green Label and Pebeo. I found out that we can mix those dyes. Painting different sections especially Pebeo. In the paints section Dye-na-flo is my favorite. Resists I love the water based ones rather than Gutta. I do not like the smell. I have also the 2 burner long steamer which is fantastic. Of course the biggest piece that it could take is the Siberian tiger. This year I have been elected Chapter President of SPIN (which is Silk Painting International) representing Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

More and more though I am into silk. I realized that I can draw. So never give up. The best thing that teacher told me was that I was not fit to be a silk painter in other words. Here I am, trust in yourself and keep at it. Also if you have questions doubts of any kind contact Dharma they are wonderful in sharing their expertise as well. See you on the web and contact me if you need to join Spin. We are planning a great exhibit this year, and it is a wonderful group of International silk painters.